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We are thrilled to offer a unique blend of 1 on 1 assisted stretches and group stretching classes to help you improve your flexibility, mobility, and overall well-being.
Our 1 on 1 assisted stretches are perfect for those who want a personalized stretching experience tailored to their individual needs. Our highly trained and experienced stretching coaches will guide you through a series of stretches designed to target your specific areas of tightness or discomfort. Whether you're an athlete looking to improve your performance, someone recovering from an injury, or simply looking to improve your overall mobility, our assisted stretches are a great option.
In addition to our 1 on 1 assisted stretches, we also offer group stretching classes that are designed to be fun, energizing, and effective. Our classes are led by knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors who will guide you through a series of stretches that are suitable for all levels of experience. You'll get to stretch with a group of like-minded individuals who are all working towards improving their flexibility and mobility.
At our studio, we believe that stretching is an important part of any wellness routine, and we strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all of our clients. So whether you're looking to improve your athletic performance, recover from an injury, or simply feel better in your body, we invite you to book a session with us today and experience the many benefits of stretching for yourself!

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An assisted stretching session is a one-on-one stretching experience in which a certified and trained stretching coach will guide and assist the client in a series of targeted stretches to improve their flexibility, range of motion, and overall physical performance.
During the session, the stretching coach will carefully assess the client's current level of flexibility and tailor the stretches to meet their individual needs and goals. The client will be guided through a series of stretches that target specific muscle groups, with the coach  providing hands-on assistance to ensure proper form and optimal stretch.
Overall, an assisted stretching session provides a safe and effective way to improve flexibility, reduce muscle tension, and promote overall physical well-being.


This small group stretching class is designed to provide participants with a personalized and intimate stretching experience. Led by a knowledgeable instructor, the class will focus on gentle stretches and movements aimed at improving flexibility, reducing tension, and promoting relaxation.
Participants can expect a coach to guide them through each stretch and offer modifications as needed to accommodate their unique needs and abilities. The class may also incorporate tools such as foam rollers, resistance bands, or other tools to enhance the stretching experience.
Overall, this class offers a safe and supportive environment for individuals to improve their physical health and well-being.

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In this group stretching class, participants will be guided through a series of gentle stretches and movements designed to help loosen tight muscles and improve flexibility. This group class will also incorporate a short Christian meditation to help relax the mind and spirit.
During the meditation, participants will be encouraged to practice deep breathing and allow their minds to quiet down. The instructor may also offer words of encouragement and inspiration to help participants connect with their faith and find inner peace.
Overall, this class aims to provide a holistic approach to physical and spiritual wellness, helping participants to feel more relaxed, centered, and grounded in both body and mind.

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Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your class and I can't wait for the next one. I feel this will help bring me closer to God and to healing. Thank you!


You're the best! Last night I fell asleep right away and that never happens. Your class was SO relaxing and rejuvenating. You do such a wonderful job and wanted you to know that.


Brittani and Be Still Wellness have literally changed my life. As someone who suffers from chronic pain and works in a high stress field, finding Brittani has been a life saver. She makes me feel comfortable in my own skin and sets me at ease with her gentle spirit. I’ve been blessed to experience both massages (with cupping- a must!) and the group Soul Stretch class at Be Still Wellness. The class literally lit my soul on fire. It was relaxing, moving and an amazing time of worshiping Christ as we intentionally stepped into quieting our minds and activating our bodies. I am so grateful for the positive body, mind and soul changes that Be Still Wellness has brought about for me. Thank you Brittani!


This class has been such a breath of fresh air. Brittani has a gift in weaving together prayer and exercise into awesome yoga flows. These classes are the highlight of my week!


Brittani's classes are fantastic! Her ability to join prayer and exercise is a gift. Everyone needs to experience it.


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